The producer

Your virtual film production assistant

Fighting the chaos of film production

The film industry is known to be hardworking and passionate, not necessarily for working smart and efficiently. Film production is highly specialized, with specific solutions to specific steps in the process, but there is no complete end-to-end solution.


During productions, the different crew members tend to communicate through an over abundance of communications platforms. Amongst them: WhatsApp, Email, Messenger, Skype, Zoom, etc. This leads to important information to get lost.

Education on film making process

Constantly having to re-educate clients and agencies on th film making process.

Budget excess

Through mismanagement, the film industry overspends on every project 10% on average.

Transparent & Seamless production
More time to focus on creativity

A software package that allows clients to follow the process while production companies can control every aspect of every film project, all at one place. THE PRODUCER assists film producers in organizing and structuring their production process. It provides full transparency over the entire film creation process from idea to final delivery.

THE PRODUCER saves money for the client by identifying and reducing avoidable costs by acting in advance before mistakes are made. Alerting on outstanding payments and helping production companies to keep good relationships in respect to accounting matters.

THE PRODUCER assists production companies by automating the process and making production seamless.

THE PRODUCER funnels communication to one central location.

THE PRODUCER is intelligent software that guides the production of the filmmaking process, by providing that which might get overlooked.


Designed to bring clarity over the entire film production process

The go-to film production software for industry professionals.

Demo Film

Talents & Crew

THE PRODUCER is connected to talent agencies and film professionals, offering companies the opportunity to access the worlds best talents and crew members and assemble the finest team of professionals for each of their creations.

Since working remotely became the norm, being able to do everything within one software package, is the most efficient way to conduct film productions, no matter where in the world.

Founders Film

A word from the founders.


A team of film producers and developers.


Xaver, with 20 years of experience in the film industry, is an obsessed creator who loves to transfer an emotional experience to an audience by bringing hopeful messages to people.


Pablo has led various digital startups for several years. He is now defining the technological orientations of The Producer, allowing us to be at the forefront of the industry.


Thomas, with 4 years of experience in entrepreneurship, is working tirelessly to continuously improve the working environment, corporate culture, and community involvement of The Producer.